We have packaged our modular software platform into practical solutions that address your specific needs as a customer. Whether you subscribe to one, two, or all of our solutions, we are confident the Vault will be an essential ingredient in making your organization more efficient and transparent. Browse our solutions to learn more about our unique offerings.

Third Party Results

The Vault was initially devised as a way of providing a mechanism for our parent company, Crompco LLC, display environmental compliance testing results and related services for customers. This module is known as Crompco Results. Eventually this concept grew to allowing third-party vendors to have a process by which they could also push results electronically into a more centralized system, simply known as Results.

Work Flow

One of our simplest, yet most effective and diverse offerings, is the workflow management package. This product is sensible solution for a variety of different industries that have no shortage of brain power but lack essential tools to mold their daily processes into streamlined profits. By using Internal Tickets, Service Tickets, e-Docs, and Important Dates, your work group will benefit from improved communication, no more missed deadlines, and cloud-based document storage and organization. We currently deploy this solution to a wide customer base—everyone from software development teams to service companies.

Asset Management

As a manager of assets, we understand that your primary concern is your organization's ability to profit and produce a consistent Return on Investment (ROI). Vault Services provides the answer to asset management challenges, and can provide you with the tools you need to become more efficient and profitable. Whether it’s providing you with the advanced reporting you need, or areas like warranty information, your increased visibility into asset allocation will allow your business to be more proactive. In addition to Asset Tracking, this service package will allow your organization to incorporate Important Dates, Service Tickets and relevant e-Documents associated with an asset or location.

Fuel Management

Designed for anyone engaged in the process of Fuel Management, this specialized product helps with everything from optimizing real-time fuel inventory levels to Competitive Pricing of different fuel products. Something went wrong in your fuel system? Worry no longer, as our Service Tickets module was designed to automatically trigger responses so that these issues are resolved as quickly and transparently as possible. We also partner with an industry leader in advanced fuel system diagnostics to provide Statistical Inventory Reconciliation.

Employee Management

No matter what line of work you’re in, your people are your biggest asset. The Human Resources module gives you the interface you need to manage nearly all aspects of managing personnel. Need a specific skill set in order to staff a project? Having trouble conducting a performance review because you can’t remember all the details on an employee? Can’t keep track of time off requests and vacation days? The answers to all these questions and more can be tracked with our Employee Management suite, which also includes the Certification Tracker and a Training module for all your organization’s e-learning needs.

Facility Management

Improved Facility Management is at our core. The Vault was designed to assist business owners to better-manage their growing number of locations, without the risk of losing or mismanaging vital data. By honing in on the key cornerstones of Facility Management - eDocuments, Inspections and Service Tickets modules, we are able to provide any facility manager with any of the various modules they need to maintain quality, consistency and accountability across all of their locations.

Introducing new Compliance Management Features

Wed, 18 December 2019 - 01:16 am

Say hello to a paper free Compliance Binder. The Vault’s latest update included a great tool for Compliance Management. As the world is always pushing for sustainability and going ‘green,’ the Vault will allow for you to do just that with a few simple clicks. The newest update features an eBinder that allows for the […]

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